New Smile Dental Clinic is Kuwait’s leading Dental Spa that is committed to the health of your teeth as much as your happiness.

A dental clinic you can relax in…

Established in October 2009 by Founder Dr. Balsam Behbehani, New Smile Dental Spa has successfully treated patients through an array of various dental
and spa services. Located in the heart of Kuwait City at Salmiyah overlooking the Gulf Road, New Smile is designed to meet your convenience by scheduling dental and spa appointments that work around your busy schedule.

Our unique spa dentistry philosophy

New Smile Dental Spa carries forth the vision of its Dr. Balsam Behbehani, who believes that a relaxed patient is one who suffers less and whose treatment is most effective. Dr Balsam’s team of experts have taken every step to elevate patient comfort and dental treatment to a whole new level making each dental visit stress free, restful and enjoyable. Our personalized dental care makes you forget you are at a dental clinic, revitalizing your overall wellbeing.

We follow international standards, giving each patient enough time to discuss his/her treatment plan and the best options to achieving a healthy smile.