• I have a toothache. What should I do?

If you have a toothache, call us right away for a check-up. A toothache may be symptomatic of many conditions. It could be a wisdom tooth that is sprouting or does not have adequate space to emerge. It could also be a root canal infection, which requires immediate treatment to save your tooth from being extracted. During a root canal treatment, our dentists will clean the infection from your root canal, fill the canal with a durable dental filling to ensure it does not rot again, and cap the tooth with a crown or the pain could be from a carious lesion that needs a filling.


• My gums bleed when I brush. Why is this so?

If your gums bleed when you brush you teeth or when you wake up from sleep, it indicates that you could have gum disease, especially if the bleeding gums are accompanied by unpleasant breath. It is advisable to have your gums and teeth checked immediately at our Clinic to ensure your gums do not decay any further and to begin gum therapy.


• My teeth are yellow. What can I do?

Teeth often discolor with time due to lifestyle factors like smoking, consuming caffeine and soft drinks. We can restore your tooth color through a number of solutions. You can have your teeth scaled and bleached to gently remove the layer of discoloration that gathers over your teeth over time. You can also ask for our veneers treatment wherein we make a customized porcelain replica of the surface of your tooth (or a veneer) in a white or brighter color, which is then carefully attached to your tooth.


• I wake up with a headache. Why is this so?

You wake up with a headache because you tend to sub-consciously grind your teeth while asleep. This is due to stress, which causes your jaw to clench tightly as you sleep. Continuous grinding of teeth can badly damage the teeth and give you chronic headaches. As a solution, we offer you a mouth guard to wear when you go to bed. A mouth guard is a special shield that is tailor-made by using a mold of your teeth and jaw shape and structure. The mouth guard absorbs the pressure generated when you sub-consciously grind your teeth and protects your teeth as a result.


• I am afraid of dental visits. How can you make it less stressful?

Most people are afraid of dental visits due to unhappy and painful experiences at the dentist’s from childhood. They carry the memory of such traumatic visits with them into adulthood or are afraid due to misinformation about dental procedures. Our doctors make your visit stress-free from the very beginning by providing you information on the state of your teeth, your options and the details of dental procedures. We also use both local anesthesia and general anesthesia or sedation to ensure your dental procedure is completely pain-free.